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Dunedin Central Clinic

Senior Veterinary Surgeon

Janice Dunn, Senior Vet Dunedin

- Dr. Janice Dunn, PhD. Pictured here with her cat 'Chairman Meow', Janice has over 10 years experience with small and large pets. Favourite saying: "everything is covered in cat hair"

Veterinary Surgeons

Greg Scott,Vet Dunedin

- Dr. Greg Scott is a bit camera shy but has a great love of animal care in commercial operations. Favourite saying: "stand downwind of me"

Sheila McVie,Vet Dunedin

- Dr. Sheila McVie has an obsession with birds and American sitcoms. Her cockatoo, Barry, can sing most of the opening song from 'Friends'. Favourite saying: "I'll be there for you!"

Veterinary Nurses

Candice & John, vet nurses Dunedin

- Candice (on the left) has been with us for 6 years now and believes the best part of her job is making animals feel better. Favourite saying: "should've gone to specsavers"

- John (on the right) recently graduated at the top of his class from Otago University and we are still trying to moderate his student ways. Favourite saying: "it's not flammable!"

Customer Services

Clara & Tori, admin staff, Dunedin

Clara(left) and Tori(right) are here to look after the humans in our clinic and can answer your questions about appointments and paperwork. They are often found trading the lunches that their partners have packed for them

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St Kilda Clinic

Senior Veterinary Surgeon

Marge, Senior Vet St Kilda

- Dr. Margaret Knowler, PhD & MBA. An absolute wealth of knowledge, Marge often mentors other staff. Favourite saying: "what's a twitter?"

Veterinary Surgeons

Toby Watson,Vet St Kilda

- Dr. Toby Watson is outstanding in his field. Literally, as he owns a small dairy farm. He is the clinic joker. Favourite saying: "look what it coughed up!"

Veterinary Nurses

Chloe Watson, vet nurses St Kilda

- Our Chloe married our Dr. Toby last year and they are still trying to regift the extra toasters. Favourite saying: "what did your mother say?"

Customer Services

Cathy, admin staff, st kilda

- Cathy always has a smile on her face and a secret stash of pet treats in her top drawer. Favourite saying: "it's a boomerang."

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Balclutha Clinic

Senior Veterinary Surgeon

 Kevin James,Senior Vet Balclutha

- Dr. Kevin James, PhD & Ma. Dr.Kevin started out milking cows many years ago and found a passion for animal welfare. Favourite saying: "I'm dairy intolerant."

Veterinary Surgeons

Marika Holdwell,Vet Balclutha

- Dr. Marika Holdwell always knew she would be a vet and grew up rescueing any sick or injured animal she found. Favourite saying: "what's in your mouth?"

Veterinary Nurses

Todd & Marianne, vet nurses Balclutha

- Todd (on the left) is currently working as a vet nurse while working on his Bachelors degree in Veterinary Science. Favourite saying: "my favourite soup is coffee."

- Marianne (on the right) has 4 kids, 3 cats, 2 dogs and a hamster at home and comes to work to escape the noise. Favourite saying: "it's so quiet!."

Customer Services

Martha Stewart, admin staff,Balclutha

- Martha's resemblance to a certain American DIY queen is uncanny, just like her filing skills. Favourite saying: "I don't know how to fold a napkin."

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Alexandra Clinic

Senior Veterinary Surgeon

Fiona Killwell, Senior Vet Alexandra

- Dr. Fiona Killwell, PhD. Despite her unfortunate last name Dr. Fiona rarely loses a patient and enjoys reading poetry to dogs. Favourte saying: "I should of kept my maiden name."

Veterinary Surgeons

Sarah Parker,Vet Alexandra

- Dr. Sarah Parker was born on a horse stud farm and was riding ponies by age 3. She is also qaulified in caring for small companion animals. Often found snacking on whole carrots.

Veterinary Nurses

David & Christine, vet nurses Alexandra

- David (on the left) believed in Dr. Doolittle until he was twelve but we don't hold it against him. Favourite saying: "what if birds aren't singing, but screaming because they are afraid of heights?"

- Christine (on the right) loves tramping, kayaking, mountain biking and marathons. Favourite saying: "how much protein is in that?"

Customer Services

James, admin staff, Alexandra

- James never understood the concept of 'office casual'. He does understand computers and is our go to guy for I.T. solutions. Favourite saying: "have you tried turning it off and then on again?"

All Image credit: Shutterstock